Holiday Traditions for the Family

When it is time to celebrate a religious or national holiday, families tend to gather all their extended members to share in the spirit of the day. They organise themselves according to the traditions that have been handed down by parents and grandparents, and each member has their assigned roles and tasks for the day. Some of them will cook, others will watch the smallest children, and the rest of them will contribute to the day in the ways they have been taught over the years. Each person is a welcome member of the family who will become part of the stories and good memories handed down through the years.

Creating a Tradition

There are many ways in which families transmit their traditions, but few people think about how they were created in the first place. For some families, it is a matter of working with what they have on hand. While a traditional meal might have been expected, the host of a particular holiday might have been unable to procure what was necessary so they began their own tradition. If everyone enjoyed it, it was suddenly a new tradition for everyone to follow. This is often the way traditions are begun, and they are uniquely suited to the individual family units.

The Feast of Many

Most holidays have their own feast associated intimately with them, and families have often found it easiest to break up the dishes amongst their different members. Those from far households will often bring a dish that can be assembled at the gathering place, so they can feel they have made their own contribution while taking some of the burden off the hosting family. Children are often expected to produce a dish or two once they leave home as young adults. In this way, the entire family can enjoy a meal without overwhelming one person or family during the holiday.

A Tradition of Service

Families often pass down fine bone china service including tea cups and saucers to the children, but not everyone will get the same pattern unless parents buy additional sets for each child. In most families, it matters little that an aunt’s famous salad is served on a piece with a different pattern, and it can become part of their welcome recognition when they see the pattern. The main dishes will generally be all one pattern of china because the host family provides it, but other sets can be added as the extended family grows in numbers.

Finding the Right China Pattern

Holidays and celebrations are special times, and this is the main reason modern families maintain their own set of china. For those who have little hope of inheriting a set, searching for the right pattern to suit their needs can become a treasure hunt. Looking online is one of their best options, and they will find that Wedgwood has a wide range of patterns to fit any family need.

Gathering for special days is a wonderful way to celebrate the spirit of the day as well as enjoy gathering with family members, so it is important to allow everyone a chance to contribute. The host family will open their hearts and home to loved ones, and their family will bring their own special brand of happiness to the event.