Setting the Tone for a Home

Young couples often start out with an eclectic mix of furnishings for their home, and they generally have very tight budgets. Decorating on a budget can be difficult, but those who love colour can often find that an eclectic look is something they can use to brighten up their home without spending more than they can afford. Setting the tone for a home is easy enough when mixing and matching different things together, but it can be difficult if a person does not have a particular talent for doing it. There is no shame in asking a friend or relative to lend a hand, but many prefer to work at it alone to achieve their personal style.

Mix and Match

The definition of eclectic is to select pieces that work together, but they are not necessarily sets. Those who are creating their personal style on a limited budget can see the sense in this, but they know that it is important to mix and match the right colours to get a design just right. They might have a few colourful pieces such as matching breakfast cups and saucers or tea cups and saucers that will tie the living and dining areas together, or they might be able to find different pieces in the same colours to mix together into a harmonious whole.

A Flair for Food

There are many foods that do not need refrigeration, and those who cook with them can often create a beautiful centrepiece on their island or dining room table. As each piece is eaten, another can take its place to ensure a colourful spot to draw the eye. Those who find this type of arrangement difficult to keep up with might choose something more permanent, and a few bone china mugs from a reputable online store can supply their need. They will have a beautiful area for focus, and they need not be concerned it will disappear when it is time for a quick snack.

Adding Texture

There are many different ways to achieve the eclectic look with colour and functional styles of furniture, but adding texture can be another way to give depth and interest to a room. Placing some satin pillows on a tired couch can give it a finished look, and tossing a wooly throw over an ottoman is an invitation to relax. Each piece can be from a different area of life, and matching is more about the harmony they create in inviting the residents and their guests to come in and stay a while.

Decorating on a budget is never easy, but it can be an adventure for those who love to mix and match different pieces to get a unique look. They might find it difficult at first, but the results they can achieve in just one small area might make it possible for them to create a new look for their entire home. Those who understand that texture can be as important as colour or functional styles will be far ahead of their friends and neighbours when it comes to completing their home d├ęcor without breaking the bank.